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About Tea & Kay Photography

Tea & Kay Photography started as doing a favor for a friend but since that time it has gone from a fun hobby to a fun business . We offer many styles of photography from traditional, artistic and photo journalistic. Our wide range of shooting styles ensures that we can create images that will match your style.

What does a typical photo shoot look like?

First we meet up at the chosen location; it can be in your home or on-location (parks and other public places). Depending on the age of the model, we take some time to get comfortable with each other. Most shoots tend to take about an hour.

What sort of editing does Tea & Kay do to the photos?

We always go through the photos and color correct and enhance the details. We can apply a variety of effects to a photo such as Black & White, Color Isolation and Vintage styles. What sort of editing takes place depends on what you, the client, want the finished product to look like.

How do I get the photos from Tea & Kay?

Once we are done editing, we burn a DVD of your images and mail it to you. For certain events, we are able to make an online gallery so that you and your guests can view and purchase photos directly through our website.

Does Tea & Kay print my photos?

No, we provide you the digital copies of the photos so that you can take it to whatever service you use. This is one way that we keep your costs as low as possible, because there are many photographers who are more than happy to charge you ridiculous amounts to print your photos. Of course we can recommend a good printing service if you would like!

What services does Tea & Kay provide?

Kids photography


Graduation photos

Engagement / Couples

Event photography

Wedding photography

Ask us about your situation to see if we can help out.

Where will Tea & Kay travel to?

We travel all throughout the Chicago land area and will travel farther in many situations.

How do I contact Tea & Kay to inquire about price quotes and booking?

email: teaandkayphoto@gmail.com

phone: (708) 328-8512 

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